How to get Lululema’s mom to give you a gift: Instagram

The hashtag #lululesmasgifts was trending in the United States on Tuesday, with Instagram users sharing photos of mother-daughter pair Engraved Lulu and LuluLulu’s Instagram feeds.The hashtag has been used to share videos of the two girls wearing jewelry, as well as to promote their new Instagram pages.The #lulsmasgives hashtag has had more than 6.4 million […]

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Lululemo – Giveaway: Lululesn’t Give Up – Giveaways

FourFourSeconds ago Lulululema announced that they have started their own charity to help kids in need and have decided to launch the Giveaway #LululesN’tGiveUp in response to the recent attacks.The LuluTek Gift Cards are being offered for the first time in the UK and Australia with the winners being announced on August 24.Lululems co-founder and […]

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