When a GOP House passes ObamaCare repeal bill, the GOP’s legacy could be worse than Trump’s

The Senate is set to vote on a repeal-and-replace bill Friday, with President Donald Trump’s support.

That would be the biggest legislative victory for Republicans in years, even though the Senate narrowly rejected a similar effort by Democrats last year.

Trump’s approval ratings have plunged in recent weeks, and his approval rating for the House has fallen to about 34%, the lowest mark for any president in history.

The Republican-led House has yet to pass its own bill.

With just days until the bill’s markup, Trump is facing a potential dilemma: If he passes the bill, Republicans could win support from Democrats and Democrats could lose it.

But even if the House votes to repeal ObamaCare, that could only be a temporary victory.

In the long run, Democrats may end up losing seats to Republicans in the 2018 midterms.

As Trump continues to make the case for repealing ObamaCare, the party’s base is increasingly looking for an alternative.

“I think the House Republicans are going to try to repeal and replace,” says John Fund, a Democratic strategist.

“But it won’t be easy.”

For Democrats, the repeal-only approach is not the best option.

Republicans could make the bill more costly, making it less palatable to voters and hurting their political prospects.

Republicans are already facing a backlash from the conservative base over ObamaCare repeal.

Trump has said that he won’t use the tax cuts as a “bailout,” which is widely seen as an effort to protect wealthy Americans, including the wealthiest Americans.

That criticism has fueled a growing list of GOP senators who have come out against the GOP plan, which they say will result in more cuts for low-income Americans.

For instance, Sens.

Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Dean Heller, R, Nev., both voted against the House bill in July.

The bill could also trigger a backlash against Republicans if it comes up for a vote.

Democrats can only win back seats in the House and Senate if they can take back the House, but if they lose both chambers, it could be very difficult for Democrats to regain control of the Senate.

In 2018, Democrats gained a Senate majority thanks to a wave of anti-Trump votes that forced Republican candidates out of states like Virginia and Florida that were heavily Republican-leaning in the 2016 election.

Trump will be facing a tough challenge in the midterm elections, but he has some political ammunition in his campaign.

While Trump may have some legislative successes on the House side, he has failed to deliver on the broader goal of restoring the health care system to the American people.

That has made Democrats eager to make a deal with the president.

The House is set for a weeklong markup on the legislation, which will be the first since it passed in the Senate in March.

“The Democrats are going into the markup, with the intention of trying to have a bipartisan deal,” says Peter Wehner, a Republican strategist.

Wehner said Democrats are willing to compromise, even if it means a bill that may not actually be as good as the House version.

But the Senate will have the final say over the bill once it is approved, and that could leave Democrats in a difficult position.

The Senate has already passed a version of the House-passed bill that would remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions and reduce Medicaid reimbursements to doctors and hospitals.

That bill was passed in May, but Senate Republicans have not made any progress on the issue since that bill was introduced.

Senate Republicans want to pass a bill to repeal the law by Thanksgiving.

Democrats are trying to get Republicans to do something similar to the House measure, which would allow states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion and would provide tax credits to people who purchase insurance through the insurance marketplace.

Republicans will have to make concessions to keep their House bill alive.

The most likely compromise would allow people with preexisting conditions to stay on their existing plans while they wait for coverage in the marketplace.

Democrats say they want to allow people to keep purchasing insurance with the Medicaid subsidies, but they also want to extend coverage to people with certain pre-existing conditions.

If Democrats agree to the Senate bill, they would be able to move forward with the reconciliation process to get a vote on the final bill by Christmas.

The White House and congressional Republicans say they are confident that they can get this done.

But that confidence is fading fast, and Democrats are now making it clear that they are not willing to give up their legislative leverage.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., said Friday that the Senate should pass the bill and let the House pass it.

She said Republicans should not be surprised if Democrats filibuster it.

“It is clear to me that the American public will not tolerate a bill they cannot pass, and this is not going to be the end of the legislative process,” Klobcharsaid.

“This is going to require a lot of work and negotiation, but I think the


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