What you need to know about the iPhone 7, the iPad Pro, and more

Posted October 12, 2018 09:24:42Apple’s new iPhone 7 will be the most powerful iPhone yet, and its successor the iPad Pros will also see significant upgrades.

Apple has just announced that the new iPad Pro will be available with 64GB of RAM and the latest version of iOS 8.2.

Apple is also adding a $10 price bump for the iPad Air 2, and is introducing a new app for the device that lets users customize their iPad Pro to their liking.

We’ve already seen Apple introduce the iPad Mini, and now the company is taking a step back and offering up a few new products for the new generation of iPad Pros.

The company’s iPad Air 3 is the first new iPad Mini to come to the US since 2011.

The iPad Air 4 is the second, and the iPad 4 is finally available.

The Apple iPad Air is also available in the UK.

The iPad Pro’s upgrade to 64GB is notable in that Apple is adding a new Apple Pay payment option for those who don’t already have one.

The app that will let users pay for the Apple Pay on the iPad has been renamed Wallet, and Apple is finally bringing the option to US customers.

We haven’t heard much about the iPad mini and the Air 4, which are both expected to arrive in October, but both devices are expected to have a much bigger screen than the iPhone.

The new iPad is expected to feature a 13-inch display and will have an aluminum unibody body.


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