Which book is the greatest gift of all time?

Which book has the greatest power to help you get through life?

Which one has the most power to make you happier?

And which one has a chance to give you a gift that you’ll never forget?

These are the questions that the Amazon Gift Registry is trying to answer with the help of a small selection of books, some of which are not very common, and others that are a little out of reach for most people.

We’re just picking out the top 10.

The top 10:1.

The Tao of Chinese Medicine2.

The Wisdom of Tao3.

The Ten Commandments4.

The Complete Art of the Art of Manliness5.

The Four Noble Truths6.

The Five Elements of Buddhism7.

The Twelve Steps8.

The Book of Living Wisdom9.

The Seven Countries of India10.

The Bible The Tao The Wisdom Of Tao The Ten Commandsment The Book Of Living Wisdom The Buddha’s The Five Elemental Truths The Four-Letter Word The Seven Kingdoms Of India The Twelve Virtues The Four Great Names Of The World


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