What you need to know about Xbox One S and Microsoft’s new gaming console

TechRadars readers: Do you need a new gaming machine?

Microsoft is introducing a new version of its Xbox One console this holiday season, and if you want to play, you need an Xbox One.

The console comes with two HDMI ports for video streaming, and it includes a pair of built-in wireless controllers, a wired Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter, and a USB 3.0 port.

But the biggest difference between the console and the Xbox 360 version is that the Xbox One has a new console logo, and that logo is a cross between the Xbox logo and the Microsoft logo.

The Xbox One also has an updated version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and now you can search for news and videos on YouTube, Hulu, and others.

Microsoft also updated its Xbox app for iOS, which includes a new way to access and download games and content.

If you want a new Xbox, you can buy one from Microsoft’s online store for $399.

Microsoft has been teasing the Xbox S since it launched last year, but its new version is the first time Microsoft has announced its own gaming console.

Microsoft is calling the new Xbox S a “next-generation gaming device,” which is a bit of a stretch given that the company hasn’t announced anything new since it first unveiled the Xbox 720 back in December 2014.

Microsoft said that the new console will include new Xbox One software, but it’s not clear what new features Microsoft is adding to the Xbox platform that will make it more competitive with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The company is also working on new Xbox peripherals for the new system, including a wireless keyboard that you can plug into a PlayStation 4 controller, but that isn’t yet available.

We’ll bring you more on Xbox One and the new Microsoft gaming console as they become available.

Microsoft announced the Xbox-branded gaming console at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles, California.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are holding their first-ever conference this year.

We won’t be covering all the big announcements, but you can check out our full coverage for all of this year’s biggest games and console announcements here.


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