How to make pet memorial gift cards at home

It’s not the most popular holiday gift idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

Read on to find out how to make your own pet memorial cards.


Preparing the cards Before you begin, you need to make sure you have the necessary materials to make the cards.

This is especially important if you’re making your own memorial cards, as it will save you the time of gathering the cards yourself.

To make cards, you’ll need: 1.

Cardstock 1.

Paper scraps.

You’ll need about 20 cards for a small gift card.

You can buy 1,000-card decks from or for $7.49.


Post-it notes.

This paper will make the card easier to write on.

I like to use this little sticky note.



You may also need to use the disposable ink for this purpose.

Ink is available at any craft store, or you can purchase the disposable option at Amazon.


Paint brushes.

There are plenty of paints available, and you may want to buy the ones you like.

For a small card, use about 10 or so.

If you want to make a bigger card, you may need to increase the amount of cards you make.

I love using a small brush and brush brush to make small memorial cards as well.

I always make my cards as simple as possible.

If possible, make them in the dark.



You will need a couple of different sizes of scissors for making the cards, and they’ll need to be clean.



I usually use this small paperclip to hold my cards in place while they’re being made.

You should also consider using a pen for this task.



A pencil will make it easier to draw, but you may have to use it to mark your cards.

I also use a Sharpie marker.


Posting instructions.

If your cards aren’t going to be used in your classroom, you should include an instruction sheet to keep them organized.

These instructions can be found on your gift cards.

If not, you can also order a gift card to include with the cards to keep the instructions clear.


Your name.

You want to be sure that you’ve chosen the right person to make these cards.

Be sure to include the name of the person you’re creating the card for.

I’d recommend making a card for your own teacher or teacher friends, but feel free to include someone you know in the gift card design.


Your mailing address.

Your card should say “My name is…” in the middle of the card, or your name at the top.


Name of your business.

I recommend including a small business card for any business you want the cards for.

For me, that would be a clothing store.


Business name.

If a business name is included, it should be in the name.

For example, if I’m a clothing retailer, I would include my name and the business name.


Business phone number.

You could also include a business phone number, but it would be best to include a phone number for someone you trust.

For more tips, check out my article on how to create a personalized card.


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