IKEA gift card worth $30,000 to the man who took down the Wall

Axios has learned that Ikea has awarded an IKEa gift certificate worth $29,000 for a man who was able to knock down the famous wall of the world’s largest furniture store in a single day.

The IKEAs website, which has now been updated with the news, says the gift certificate was given to a man named Matthew McAnally in April of 2018.

It was the largest single gift certificate given to anyone outside of a museum in history, Axios says.

The certificate was issued by IKEAH Gift Cards, the same company that administers Ikea’s gift cards, and can be used on IKEas most popular items.

The company’s spokesperson told Axios that McAnalty’s gift certificate “was purchased for a personal and non-commercial use.”

It’s unclear whether McAnality ever received the gift.

“The company has been in touch with him to see if he wants to receive it,” the spokesperson told the news outlet.

McAnacy told AxiOpinion that the certificate was purchased in an online auction, and that he’s “never used it to buy a gift card.”

McAnal, who was born in California and is currently a professor of mechanical engineering at UC Santa Cruz, told Axio that the company would “love” to give the certificate to someone who “needs it.”

“But it would be a little bit weird,” he said.

“If someone just needs it, why not?

But I would say that it is a pretty nice gesture.

It would be very nice.”

The news of the certificate’s purchase comes less than a week after the company unveiled its new $3,000 gift card offering, which also includes free delivery and free gift cards.

“We have a lot of exciting announcements in store for Christmas and beyond,” Ikea spokesperson Alina Jovanka told Axia.

“You will find some very cool deals to choose from, and we’re thrilled to offer some great deals to celebrate.”


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