Why Christmas is coming early: Santa’s helpers with Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time for giving, and it’s also a time to think of gifts for dads.

A new study has found dads are giving their children gifts they’ll be thankful for.

The National Fatherhood Center in San Francisco, a non-profit organization that works to support fathers, has been tracking the gifts dads are handing out over the past few years.

It found the most common gifts are a new car, a gift for a sibling or the chance to take care of a child who’s been diagnosed with a mental illness.

In a study released Wednesday, the center found that for the first time, dads were giving gifts of a kind that they can’t express themselves with words.

The study, titled “Fathers are giving to their kids and it makes us smile,” found that the majority of dads who gave gifts were giving them for something specific, such as a car or a new pair of shoes.

While fathers often want to show their appreciation, this new study found dads were also sending gifts of comfort.

In addition to the cars, there were also gifts of books, bookshelves and a new Christmas tree, but the biggest gift for dads was a special treat for their sons.

The study found that dads were offering their children Christmas gifts in more than 100 different ways.

The most common way dads gave gifts was a new holiday car, the most popular gift was a book, and the most expensive gift was the new Christmas trees.


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