Macy’s Christmas gift tree: What’s it worth?

Macy’s holiday gift tree has become a popular destination for shoppers after a surge in shoppers this year.

What are the prices?

Macy’s gift tree in Los Angeles, California, is listed on the gift-giving website Gumtree for $2,699 (£1,898). 

Macy’s Christmas tree in the Netherlands is listed for $1,899 (£1.2k) and the gift shop in Sydney is listed at $1.9k. 

Where can I buy a Christmas tree? 

It’s a long way from the street to the mall, but some places can provide good deals. 

Mason’s Gift Shop in Florida, for example, offers gift trees and a carousel, with a $600 voucher for a car in addition to a free holiday shopping trip. 

If you’re in Sydney, a $500 voucher will be available from the Sydney Museum of Art. 

Christmas tree prices from other retailers include a $350 voucher at the Mall of America for a $5,000 tree, while the mall in Melbourne offers a $100 voucher for the perfect tree. 

You can also buy Christmas trees for your loved ones at the Christmas Tree Exchange. 

Find out more about gift trees on Gumtree.


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