How to get a gift for your boys

Get a gift, a pair of pants, a book, a new car, a pet, a little girl.

For every dollar you spend on gifts, you get a little boy.

So when you can, give something to your boys for Christmas.

Here’s how.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.1.

Buy a new pair of shoes for boys to start wearing2.

Buy something for a new friend to help you get your mind off of your family or a birthday present3.

Put on a gift card for a pet to help with Christmas shopping4.

Take a trip to a new place for a baby to explore and see a new culture and meet a new person5.

Get an autographed picture of your kids in a store6.

Set aside money for a Christmas tree7.

Make a gift basket for a child to put on his Christmas table for Christmas8.

Go shopping with your son or daughter9.

Put a card on your porch or window to remind them of something good to do or something to do for Christmas10.

Go to a local animal shelter11.

Buy new clothes for your kids12.

Take an in-person trip with your children to visit your vet or a vet-specialist13.

Buy clothes for the holidays for your friends14.

Buy gift cards to help a friend purchase Christmas gifts15.

Give a gift to a boy for his birthday or anniversary16.

Buy the new car for your son17.

Take the kids for a walk or ride along with your grandkids18.

Give your child a Christmas card for Christmas19.

Set a budget to help pay for Christmas shopping20.

Buy gifts for a kid or an adult21.

Get a new computer to work on for the next year22.

Get gifts for your child23.

Go out to dinner with a friend24.

Take them for a date25.

Set up a special event26.

Get kids to make crafts for you27.

Make their own presents28.

Take your child to a doctor or get a diagnosis of ADHD29.

Get them a gift from their doctor30.

Give them a book or gift card31.

Get something from the school library32.

Set an aside to buy a new set of books33.

Take out a gift or buy a gift certificate34.

Set some money to help make Christmas a little bit more special35.

Get your kids a Christmas stocking and buy gifts36.

Put out a Christmas party for kids37.

Give someone a Christmas ornament38.

Get some holiday gifts39.

Put up a tree40.

Get new clothes and a new outfit41.

Put them in a tree42.

Give some gifts for someone who doesn’t get much money43.

Set something up for a special occasion44.

Set yourself up to be an extra for someone you know45.

Give away a Christmas gift46.

Make something for the kids47.

Get involved with an event48.

Get help from friends49.

Get someone to come over and help you50.

Set your kids up for Christmas51.

Put down a Christmas wish for someone else52.

Take part in an event53.

Give something to a child in need of help54.

Make your children a present to celebrate Christmas55.

Set them up for something special56.

Give kids something to celebrate the holidays57.

Get money for somethingChristmas Day58.

Get in touch with your local Salvation Army59.

Set children up for an event60.

Get cash for something60.

Set out a special gift61.

Set someone up to help them celebrateChristmas with their children62.

Make someone a holiday gift63.

Give out a new gift64.

Set gifts to celebrate a holiday65.

Give money to a family to help support Christmas66.

Give gifts for another family67.

Set it up for someone with a disability68.

Get extra cash for a friend69.

Set kids up to celebrateChristmas in their own way70.

Get to a special Christmas party71.

Set the kids up with a holiday meal72.

Give gift cards for a family that needs money73.

Set you kids up Christmas parties74.

Set Christmas tree75.

Set and set the kids to celebrate your birthday76.

Get the kids something special to wear77.

Set themselves up for the holiday78.

Give yourself a Christmas present79.

Set family Christmas events80.

Give Christmas gifts to help the family81.

Set birthday wishes for your children82.

Set for yourself a holiday holiday wish83.

Get Christmas decorations84.

Set to celebrate their birthday85.

Set their Christmas tree86.

Get children to set up a holiday party87.

Set money up for kids to spend on Christmas decorations88.

Set in motion a Christmas tradition89.

Get together with family for an outdoor celebration90.

Set with children for an evening together91.

Get everyone together to share a holiday dinner92.

Set down a wish on behalf of a friend93.

Set one of your children up to set a special holiday wish94.

Set goals for the family to


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