How much are you spending on Christmas gifts?

Good Christmas gifts are on the rise, with many families putting money into them and many more buying gifts to give away, the National Retail Federation (NRF) said on Thursday.

Many of the retailers, the biggest consumer groups and the government are giving out gifts to mark the start of the new year, and there is a lot of excitement among consumers about buying a gift.

“A lot of retailers are giving away gifts, it’s all a good time,” said NRF president Anil Raghavan.

“Some of the retail groups are giving gifts, we are not giving gifts.”

A lot has been made of the number of Christmas gifts coming in and some retailers are making a lot in the last few months, but many retailers are also giving away a lot.

The biggest gift of the year is $5,000 to the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow.

A large amount of the gifts, ranging from Christmas lights to carols, are being given to people in the local area.

The NRF said that last year more than 200,000 people received gifts in 2017 and this year’s figures show that nearly a third of the total number of gifts received last year have been given to locals.

The biggest gift for locals was the Rs 10,000 package of Christmas lights, which was given to the local resident.

NRF secretary general Nirmala Devi said, “A lot more than that was given this year.

We have been giving gifts to people from all parts of the country.

We give a lot to the people of the states.”

A big portion of the donations to the NRF are being distributed by the Samajwadi Party-led government, the largest gift donor.

A significant number of people in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar also donated.

“The Samajyantra Party-government has been giving big gifts.

They have been distributing the gifts for the people.

We are not being the only ones giving these gifts.

Many others have been contributing,” said Raghwan.

The Samjyantri Party- led government is also giving money to the state governments for public works, which has helped it increase the number and size of its gifts.

NRFs president Raghawan said, All the gifts are being collected by the government and we have collected more than 1,000,000 gifts.

“We have given out more than 2.5 crore gifts.

We expect that we will continue giving gifts this year.”

In 2017, more than 5 lakh gifts were given to communities across the country, a number that has increased to over 7 lakh gifts in the next three years.

“People are spending a lot on Christmas and we are seeing a lot more people spending,” said Mr Raghwans.


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