Watch: Why your kids might be in for a surprise with a visa gift certificate

Video game company Ubisoft has launched a Visa gift card to give to parents of children ages 12-16 who want to take a trip to the UK for school.

The Visa gift certificate, which has been designed to encourage parents to travel to the country with their children, will be available from 11am on Tuesday.

“The Visa Gift Card will give you a chance to experience the UK with your kids and will give them the chance to visit our amazing country and see our beautiful countryside,” reads the gift certificate.

“This is a great opportunity to get a taste of our amazing and unique country and explore our fantastic and multicultural culture.”

The Visa card is designed to give parents the opportunity to visit the UK to get their children up to date on their new country.

It also comes with an option to spend up to £10,000, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Ubisoft is hoping to reach a significant number of parents in the UK by the end of the year, but has not yet provided details of the number of students attending the schools, or the number who are taking the Visa giftcard.

In January, the UK government announced that it was cracking down on fake holiday travel vouchers to stop the use of these by young people who may be confused about where they are supposed to be and what they should do in the country.

On Wednesday, the Department for Education said it was increasing the number and scope of the fraud alerts, with the most-targeted fraud alerts being those from online ticketing services and the British Board of Film Classification.

It also introduced new rules to make it harder for young people to get visas, including a new rule that will make it more difficult for young applicants to enter the country without their parents’ consent.


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