How to order a gift basket from Amazon without spending money

By purchasing online, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and have read and understood them.

You will be sent a message with a link to confirm your order.

This will allow you to proceed to checkout to receive your gift basket.

Please note that Amazon may limit or restrict the number of items that can be delivered per day, or at any time.

In addition, your order may be subject to other terms and conditions and privacy policies.

If you do not agree to these terms and terms, you may not complete your purchase.

To get started, please select your gift card and click on “Go Shopping”.

You will see a shopping cart containing your gift order, along with an option to place your order via “Payment by Credit Card” or “PayPal”.

Select “Pay By Credit Card”.

Select a payment method from the payment options menu.

Select “Buy Now”.

The order confirmation will appear.

Once you have completed the order, you will be redirected to the shopping cart page.

Select the “Go” button.

Select your credit card and verify the order.

Click “Complete Payment” to accept the payment.

When the order is processed, you should see the confirmation page.

At this time, your gift will be delivered within one business day.

You may cancel your order at any point during checkout and your credit will not be applied.

Please allow up to four business days for your order to be delivered.

You can return gift cards for a full refund at any of the following stores: Walgreens, Costco, Target, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Best Buy, Macy’s, Macys Beauty, Home Depot, Lowe’s and HomeGoods.


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