What a surprise 10th birthday gift Carol Wrigglesworth gave us

12.30pm: We have a very special thanks to Carol Wigglesworth for giving us this surprise gift: a $50 gift card for her new show, The Carol Show.

Carol’s show, hosted by the late Carol Burnett, is the first to include the podcast format.

Here’s the BBC’s announcement:This is a gift to all Carol fans!

The Carol Series will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from Monday 9th December.

It is the very first Carol show and it will be the first time the show has been aired on Radio 4 in the UK.

We are thrilled to welcome the world to The Carol, a first for the programme.

We are proud to have the world in our lives and to have a place where we can listen to the shows we love.

It’s also the first UK show to feature the Carol Williams family, who also host a new show on the BBC Radio 2 network, The Caron Show.

Here’s the full press release:BBC Radio 4 presents Carol Williams’ first live comedy showThe Carol Show has been commissioned by Carol Williams, a UK comic and host of BBC Radio’s The Carol.

Carol Williams is known for her unique comedic style and distinctive take on pop culture.

She is known to use humour to highlight issues of social justice, race, gender and sexuality.

Her new series of Carol’s Show will feature her signature style of comedy, including an eye-opening look at the world of pop culture and pop culture in general.

The Carol Series is a weekly, half hour comedy show on BBC 4 that is hosted by Carol.

In this new series, Carol will talk to some of the UK’s most celebrated comedians and writers.

The programme is hosted with the support of BBC 2.

This new series will be made available exclusively on BBC radio.

The show will be presented by Carol’s co-hosts and fellow comedian-writer, Sarah Hill, who is also a regular on The Carol and BBC Radio 3.

Sarah Hill will also be writing for the series, with the help of co-writer and host Sarah Hutton.

Sarah Hutton will be a regular guest on The Carons Show on BBC 2, where she will also host the show alongside Carol Williams.

Carolina Williams has been a member of The Carol for more than a decade, having co-created the show with Sarah Houstons husband, Chris Williams.

She also co-starred in the show and produced the pilot for it.

Her latest series of The Carolina Show will be premiering on BBC One on Monday 9 December.

Carol will discuss the recent election, her love of pop music, and more.


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